Holga 120n.

Holga 120n. The plastic fantastic.


The Holga 120N is not a camera that I associate with quality medium format photography. A plastic lens, shitty plastic body and settings that make no sense what so ever… a range finder camera but no real ability to manually set it. A real freak of a camera.

Ilford HP5 as a ‘go to film’ it works well with some latitude of exposure. I do like more contrast, but digital post helps. I love the synergy of analogue and digital in my process overall. A happy place. Here are some images from the first few rolls on the Holga as I attempt to work it out.


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Natasha at Rapaki Bay Christchurch.

Oh…. do I have a story about my trusty Yashica 635…. but that will have to wait. This post is about capturing the last light of the day at Rapaki Bay with Natasha. One thing I love about the Yahica 635 is how well is holds up at low shutter speeds, or should I say how well is balances in my hands under low light. The majority of these were captured at 1/25 – 1/60 at f3.5 on Ilford XP2 and Fujifilm 400H.

Natasha is also a filmy and her instagram is here.

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New camera. Bronica s2 & fixing focussing issues.

Bronica s2. Still looks amazing some 50 years later!

I picked up a new camera last week from Ebay. After being stung at customs for Duty and taxes (2 days from Japan to NZ and 11 days stuck in customs), I then had an issue of the front cap being threaded on the lens. I could not get it off at all! Looking at the sellers images, not a single one had the lens cap off, so I guess it was on issue prior to having it my eager hands.

A hacksaw and pliers moment later (scary!), I was ready to test it. First results were disappointing with everything being slightly off focus and soft. I don’t mind this aesthetic to be honest, but I’m looking for focussed images from this setup… it’s the whole point of using good glass vs plastic lens/ point and shoot.

Self portrait with the Bronco s2. Initial images were all soft and off focus.

After some online research I came across similar experiences of Bronica s2 owners, and out of focus images. With more black spots appearing within the viewfinder (signalling perished seals) and 2 rolls completely out of focus garbage, I settled on the problem being  “the fact that the sealing foam loses its properties over time, turning into a sticky mess.” I’ve repaired a selection of 35mm cameras with perished seals but this is all new to me on a medium format camera.

With simple to follow (rubbish! it was a nightmare!) instructions at http://goroshilov.com/en/bronica-s2a-focusing-problems/  I went ahead and replaced the seals and tested again. I was happy to see both low aperture and infinity (high aperture) worked well and both now in focus. With the focus glass being flat once again, I now have a working Bronica s2, and look forward to capturing some portraits in the coming weeks. Hoorah.

Infinity test. Pegasus Bay on Bronica s2.

Bronica s2. f2.8 and bang on focus. New Monstera leaf.

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Hello! Welcome to Shoot Film Christchurch (SFC)!

Bronica s2. Pegasus Bay Christchurch.

Welcome to Shoot Film Christchurch! Launched in October 2019 the goals are to bring together lovers of analogue across Canterbury socially. Once we get the group on its feet, we then aim to run photowalks, workshops, and share self developing at home techniques. If you have any questions about meetups- please email founder Paul Petch here

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